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Murano glass ashtray, in blue, amber and pink colors. Italy 60's. Excellent condition. 18x8,7x7,5 cm.


Ref. MSL-027

Set of three modular candle holders by Nagel for BMF in gold metal. 70's. Germany. Good condition. 11x10x7,5/piece. 

CHF 96.-

Ref. MSL-026

Ceramic vase "Fat Lava", in black, red and indigo. Germany 60's. Very good condition. 13x30,3 cm.

CHF 135.-

Ref. MSL-025


Murano Sommerso Glass ashtray, fuchsia and intense turquoise. Italy 60's. Excellent condition. 20x14,4x6,8 cm.


Ref. MSL-024

Small fuchsia glass vase. 60's. Very good condition. Diam.10x8,7 cm.

CHF 40.-

Ref. MSL-023

Murano blue "Klein" Glass ashtray. 60's. Very good condition. Diam.9x9,4 cm.

CHF 125.-

Ref. MSL-022


Murano glass bowl white and gold, Salviati signed. Italy 60's. Excellent condition. Diam 25,5xH6,5 cm.

CHF 389.-

Ref. MSL-021

Murano glass ashtray, transparent and gold. 60's. Very good condition. 16,5x6,8 cm.

CHF 150.-

Ref. MSL-020

White and turquoise glass vase. 60's. Very good condition. 8,3x39,3 cm.

CHF 50.-

Ref. MSL-019


White porcelain vase, by Rosenthal. Germany 60's. excellent condition.  7x28,5 cm.

CHF 156.-

Ref. MSL-018

White porcelain vase by Kaiser. Germany, 60's. Very good condition. (LxWxH) 11,3x7,5x22,5 cm.

CHF 84.-

Ref. MSL-017

White porcelain vase by Kaiser. Germany, 60’s. Excellent condition. (LxWxH) 14,8x6,3x14

CHF 84.-

Ref. MSL-016


Jewelry box in alabaster and gilded metal. Switzerland. Signs of use. (LxWxH) 15X11X8 cm.

CHF 49.-

Ref. MSL-015

Iron white garden chairs. Spain, 60's. 4 units available. Noticeable signs of use and time. *Shipping from Spain.

CHF 120.- (€110) / piece. 

Ref. MSL-014

Travel trunk. External upholstery, wooden slats and hardware aren't original.  Original wooden structure and interior paper. Acquired in Spain. Good condition. *Shipping from Spain.

CHF 205.- (€187). 

Ref. MSL-013


Faceted Murano Sommerso Glass Vase, in red, yellow and transparent. Italy, 60’s. Very good condition. 8,5x20,8 cm.

CHF 215.-

Ref. MSL-012

Faceted Murano Sommerso Glass Vase, in blue "Klein", turquoise and soft pink. 60’s. Very good condition. 8,7x21,4 cm.

CHF 215.-

Ref. MSL-011

Bohemia red glass vase. 60's. Very good condition. 7,5x20cm.

CHF 200.-

Ref. MSL-010


Travel trunk. Original exterior and interior in paper. Acquired in Switzerland. 20's. Signs of use and time. (LxWxH) 91x53x46,5 cm.


Ref. MSL-009

Murano acid green glass vase. 60's. Excellent condition. 14x26,3 cm.


Ref. MSL-008

Sommerso Murano green and blue glass ashtray. 60's. Excellent condition. (LxWxH) 27,5x17,5x10 cm

CHF 335.-

Ref. MSL-007


Glass ashtray with purple edge, signed by Vannes FRANCE ART house. France 60's. Good condition.

(LxWxH)17,9x17x6,8 cm. 

CHF 185.-

Ref. MSL-006

Murano green glass ashtray, 60's. With wear and tear in the depth. (LxWxH) 18,5x16x7,7


Ref. MSL-005

Porcelain Kaiser box. Germany, 60's. Excellent condition. (LxWxH) 14,5x11x7,8

CHF 95.-

Ref. MSL-004


Vintage gold colored glass Egg. Acquired in Germany. Good condition. 7,8x11 cm.

CHF 32.-

Ref. MSL-003

Murano glass ashtray. 60's. Very good condition. (LxWxH) 24,2x19,5x8 cm.

CHF 130.- 

Ref. MSL-002

Small Faceted Murano Glass Sommerso Vase, in aubergine, turquoise and lavender colors. 60's. Good condition. (LxWxH) 4,5x4,5x15,2 cm.

CHF 98.-

Ref. MSL-001




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